Gilles Deleuze & Psychedelic Thought as a Practice of Resistance


Tuesday 15th October
RLT1 (Rutherford Lecture Theatre 1), The University of Kent, Canterbury

Oli Genn-Bash will be joining us this coming tuesday for a talk on the philosophy of thought and resistance.

What are we doing when we’re thinking? What are we doing when we’re thinking about thinking? And then what are we doing when we’re thinking about thinking about thinking?
The contemporary philosopher Gilles Deleuze seeks to answer these questions through a complete deconstruction of traditional philosophical thought. Deleuze argues that an ‘image of thought’ exists within philosophy which restricts and directs thinking in a certain way.
This ‘image’ is something which must be resisted! Through an exploration of psychedelic experiences (in particular those involving the use of LSD) I will attempt to show how we can resist this ‘image’ and be able to ‘think difference’

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