About Us

The UKC Psychedelics Society is based at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

This society may be of particular interest to students of medicine, psychology, anthropology, law, sociology, politics, philosophy, music, or art.

The UKC Psychedelics Society aims to provide multidisciplinary information, research and news about the use and history of psychedelics. This society is not an inherently pro-drug organisation, rather a society that will aim to educate about a fascinating class of chemicals and plants. Disciplines and areas of relevant interest include the following: psychiatric use; chemical properties; the link to shamanism, spirituality and religion; their role in the evolution of modern man; law and politics; historical use; cultural perspectives; pharmacology and neurology; ethnobotany; medical safety; philosophy of freedom; and psychology of the psychedelic experience. While we have no intention to persuade or encourage use of psychedelics, we aim to help reduce the possibility of negative experiences among those who have an inclination to explore such compounds by the provision of valuable information. The importance of psychedelics in psychotherapy is, once again, rising, and we aim to keep our members aware of current research, medical studies and any changes in legislation that may accompany this growing recognition of psychiatric use. A representative of this society will be travelling to San Francisco this April for a MAPS-hosted medical convention for the utilisation of psychedelics, so the information presented through this society will correspond to the latest and most relevant studies and research.

1. To draw attention to the beneficial, psychotheraputic uses of a class of compounds currently buried in stigma.
2. To explain the origin of that stigma, and help reduce it.
3. To teach members about areas of research that may be previously unknown to them.
4. To incite interesting and productive debate between anti-drug and pro-drug members, both of whom we wish to invite.
5. To invite specialist guest speakers to present lectures.